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"Culture & Development"

"The Joys & Challenges of Community Development"

Andry Lim on Natural Farming

Helen’s Farm in Joaquin Biao, Calinan district, Davao City, had become a run-down 30-hectare farm after continued use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The soil had become acidic and the cacao trees that were about 20 years old had become sickly. The trees had few small yellowish leaves and they yielded very few fruits, most of them damaged by pod borers. The soil was virtually dead . . killed by the chemicals. -- That’s how Andry Lim described his family’s farm which he was assigned to manage starting 2001.

"A Need For a Bridge"

"The Davao River Bridge Project"

The Davao River Bridge Project was completed after many months of support and toil by volunteers from around the world.